TestDriller provides online and offline services and products. Our offline products include educational software applications for individuals and software applications for businesses. The online services include our online payment platform, resellers platform for buying and generating activation keys, automated response to nearest sales point, and so on. This Privacy Policy is created to help you understand the information we collect and those we do not collect. It also includes how we use the information we collect.

Information We Collect For Offline Products

Every TestDriller product you activate requires an activation key. In the process of obtaining an activation, you will be required to provide at least your mobile number. Another information you may be asked to provide is email address. Also, whenever you send a feedback message to us or an error report, we optionally collect email address or mobile number. These information you provide help us contact you with your activation key or to inform you about an issue we have fixed. We do not sell your contact to third parties.

It is important to note that our software do not collect information from your device in the background. We collect only the information you explicitly provide.

Information We Collect For Online Services

Whenever you request for the closest sales point to you via SMS, we automatically forward your mobile number and request to our server. We store your mobile number solely for the purpose of replying that number with address requested for. We do not sell your information.

Also, whenever you sign up as a reseller on our site, we ask for your details including your business address. These information you provide will help us know our customer better since we allow registered users to transact business with us involving large sum of amount. It should be understood that KYC (know-your-customer) is part of the government policy in Nigeria especially when financial transaction is involved. We do not sell or share your information with third parties.


TestDriller is a product of IAF SAWII Limited. It is not endorsed by any examination body nor in affiliation with them. TestDriller claims ownership of its software. Every content is owned by its examination body or the organization that provided the content. We do not accept any content obtained illegally. We accept content freely made available to the public by the examination body or those created by our educational consultants. It is important you understand that IAF SAWII Limited is a software company.

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