TestDriller CBT Kit

With TestDriller CBT Kit you can convert your paper or PDF past questions into a secured Computer-Based Testing Software that runs on laptop, desktop and android phones.

  • Easy To Use Content Tool - use TestDriller content tool to create your CBT content.
  • Customize Almost Everything - decide the application icon, settings and user experience.
  • Security - publish to a secure windows desktop application and android mobile application. Safe and secure than hard copy or soft copy pdf materials.
  • Multiple Sales Options - sell it via CD, online store or Google play store.
  • Multiple Payment Options - receive payment by purchase of activation PIN, bank deposit or e-payment by user.
  • Handles Objective And Theory - publish questions, answers, solutions and explanations in objective and/or theory format.
  • Robust CBT Engine - handles all types of text, passages, instructions, images, equations, tables and special characters.
  • Bookmarks - users can bookmark any question that they wish to view later.
  • Rich Result Analysis - users get detailed analysis on how they perform on any exam.


  • Prepare your content with TestDriller CBT Kit. Contact us for more detail.
  • The content gets published into desktop and android applications.
  • Order for activation PINs.
  • Start Selling

Sell Your Content Securely Through TestDriller CBT Engine

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